Texas textile Services
9201 Center Point Drive
Houston, TX 77054


Texas Textile Services is strategically located in Houston to service its customers throughout the state of Texas. Our network distribution enables us to service an extended geographical area.


Texas Textile Services' commitment is to always strive to meet and exceed our customer requirements on all levels. We have invested in the newest hardware and software technology available to the commercial healthcare laundry segment yielding the highest production capability at the lowest price possible.


Texas Textile Services is always at the forefront in technological advances in the commercial healthcare laundry segment. We invested over $9 million in our processing facility to increase efficiency in our business operations. These improvements include;

Our new equipment consists of a second new 10 chamber Milnor batch tunnel wash system installed in January of 2010 and we now have the capacity to process up to 30 million pounds per year. Texas Textile Services meets and exceeds OSHA/JACHO guidelines due to its high quality products and wash formulas.

  • Installation of Two (2) new Energy Efficient Milnor Dryers
    Increased energy efficiency and faster processing.
  • Installation of a new Chicago Ironer Line
    Increased processing capacity and improving quality on the finished product
  • Installation of a new Soil Conveyor
    Provided twice the speed which increases productivity
  • Installation of a new Lint Collector and Re-Built two (2) Existing Lint Collectors
    Increased dryer efficiency and providing a better finished product
  • Installation of a new Technology Water Recycling System
    Decreased water usage by 30%
  • Installation of a new Chemical Dispensing System:
    Increasing accuracy and monitoring of wash chemicals, ensuring higher quality healthcare linen processing. Dober Chemical/Ecolab vendor alsoprovides all wash titrations to include peroxide which reduces overall stains and provides minimal rejects to Texas Textile Services customers.
  • Upgraded burners on 2 main boilers
    Increased energy efficiency
  • Installation of a Recycling Plastic Containers Systems
    Creating a greener environment
  • Installed 8 new roof fans
    Increased energy efficiency and positive air flow in soil area for added comfort to Texas Textile Services associates