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Large Piece Flatwork Folder (2)

This Flatwork Folder is a large piece commercial laundry folder series with the longest list of standard features in the industry. This line of laundry folders is available in 120" and 136" length models. Each machine can have 1 or 4 or more lanes of primary folding and up to 3 crossfolds with optional sorting stackers. It offers a streamlined CHI panel electronic control, an extra-wide crossfold bed, and the elimination of encoder measuring wheels and mechanical clutch / brake mechanisms. This makes this equipment the most advanced folder / crossfolder series suitable for commercial, linen supply, hospitality, or health care laundries. The Flatwork folder is produced with a fully automatic operation and the ability to vary timing, air pulse, and other parameters to assure peak performance on today's diverse range of items, sizes, and weights.