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Mini Blanket Folder (2)

This MINI Blanket Folder offers all the standard features found on the Blanket Folder Series, but in a special smaller sized edition. Great for laundries that need a dedicated machine to process substantial quantities of tumble dried items that do not require French style folding including sheets, bath or thermal blankets. The Mini is a popular choice for hospitals and health care facilities that require a sheet folder that can process jersey knitted fitted sheets.

Mini performs 1, 2 or (with optional Triple Play) 3 primary folds and up to 3 crossfolds, depending on piece size. Mini is also the only folder that can perform two crossfolds with a choice of selvage edges folded either up or down. Mini is just the right size to handle a variety of small, medium, and large sized items, while taking up less floor space than a full size folder. All functions are performed with the easy-to-use control screen with enhanced graphical user interface.