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Service Satisfaction starts with our commitment to on-time deliveries and 99% complete and accurate fill rates. This is obtained by our operational/invoicing management system. This system monitors our customer's usage and billing, individually identifying clean and soil weight variance (based on an established soil factor by customer) and aids our customers in identifying linen circulation. This operating system is also our invoicing system. Our customers receive daily reports that detail the number of items and carts delivered as well as their corresponding pounds.

Linen Educational Fairs

Linen Fair/Awareness days are a beneficial factor in keeping the nursing staff aware of new product line, cost awareness and the proper linen standards. Texas Textile will host a linen fair at your facility complete with games, door prizes and lots of interactive fun.

In-Service Programs

Texas Textile Services management will in-service nursing in conjunction with linen personnel on standard bed make-ups identifying products that reduce skin breakdown and improve patient care, disposable vs. reusable items, and other new product lines including VIP Linen which help improve HCAP scores at your hospital.

Texas Textile Services will in-service housekeeping personnel on appropriate usage of all microfiber products reducing cross contamination within your facility.

Infection Control Standards

Texas Textile Services offers yearly visits to all infectious control nurses. Texas Textile Services takes great pride in making sure that all linen is free and clear of any type of contaminant. Texas Textile Services has an independent lab come in to monitor this on a monthly basis. The report provided by the lab is made available to all of our customers.

Our Production Process

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Our integrated office staff works with our customers on a daily basis confirming daily orders that are then reported on a monthly utilization report establishing par levels and utilization trends for each of our customers. This program can also be interfaced with our hand held entry data tracking system that assists our customers in internal distribution and monitoring of inventory.

As part of our ongoing customer satisfaction program our customers can communicate any service requests on a daily basis directly to our service coordinator. All requests are documented and reacted to immediately by our Director of Operations or our Director of Support Services.

Linen Management System:

Our management staff will develop and assist in linen management procedures which will include regularly scheduled linen committee meetings. This service program allows open communication and understanding between both parties in order to resolve issues jointly working towards common goals.

As part of our linen management system we will conduct in-services and linen awareness by utilizing proper product mix. This program allows the interaction with the end user creating a synergistic relationship.
Our linen management system features customer satisfaction surveys that will help identify and address issues so that they can be addressed in a pro-active environment.